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There’s more to you than you can even imagine. God never empowers things or objects; He empowers his sons and daughters with the Power of His Spirit. There’s a call on your life for something greater than you can fathom. The time to find what you’ve been impregnated with is now. There are 3 sets of people on the earth. There are people who just don’t care, people who want you to care and people who make things happen because they really do care. You are a part of the third category. Get ready to discover your God-Given purpose on the earth. PJ

Let’s Get Started!

So Who Am I? Genesis 1:26


    • Your Spirit – ‘Invisible’, connects with God.


    • Your Soul –  “Mind, Will, Emotions.”​


    • Your Body – “ Visible, Physical Being, Natural”.​


Desire & Dreams- Important/Earthly/Temporary 

Calling - The “To Do” given by God.

Vision- “The insight of your calling fulfilled”.

Mission- How you execute your Vision.

My Assignment

#1. Who is your assignment given by?

#2. Why was this assignment given?




#1. General 

#2. Specific 

This Weeks Assignment

1. Type your testimony in 3 paragraphs, on one page.

2. Develop an “approach strategy” for sharing your testimony.

3. Meet 3 new persons and share your testimony.

4. Create a bona fide invite to bring 1 new person to Church next week.

5. Read 1 chapter per day beginning on Monday and Ending on Friday. Start with John chapter 1 and End with John chapter 5.

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